Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recruitment Tips Outside Of The Recruitment Rooms!

Hi everybody!
I know it has been extremely too long since I last posted on here, so sorry! :(
BUT, to make it up I want to post about something that should be totally useful at this point in time in your sorority! Recruitment! Everyone is always giving tips on how to step up your game during your intrest parties, which is super important, but about 50% of your recruitment really happens outside of those rooms! So here are 3 very important tips that help you go a long way!
1) First of all, lets talk about appearance! You cannot expect girls to be just thrilled to join your AWESOME sorority if you go out looking like a hot mess straight from greasyville!! You can still wear your totally cute letters with your darling norts, but please have full make up and hair done! Its a simple balancing rule really, if you have a tshirt on, you need extra cute hair, if you have a super cute outfit on (you should have super cute hair still) but you can slack on the hair a litte bit! Everyone looks at your appearances, if you like it or not! Just pretent the hottest, cutest, hunk-iest southern sweetheart will be in every room you walk in when you get dressed for the few weeks recruitment is going on, I bet ya will look super cute all of a sudden!
2) Be the epitome of the Southern Girl. You need to wave to every girl you have ever made eye contact with and say "How Are You" or "You look soo cute today!". Who doesn't love a compliment and being noticed that day? If this is out of your comfort zone, then at least stick to the big smile and wave! Those pearly whites match your necklaces for a reason!
3) Let your status updates do all the talkin'. Let everyone know how much you just LOVEEE your sisters and how much fun you had last night with them! Show your pride in as many ways you can considering you never know what PNM's may see on your Facebook/Twitter compared to another sorority's status' and no one wants to joing a dramatic and depressing sorority!
Don't forget, Smile with your mouth, appearance, attitude, and status'!