Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Greek Tip: Where To Find Quality, But Reasonably Priced Sewn On Letter Shirts!

Hi Everyone! I made a recent discovery that I am beyond excited about! 

I have always wanted more and more stitched letter shirts (because, come on, who can have too many?). The only problem is that they tend to be pricey when you go to a website and design them. They always sound like its reasonable, until it charges you five dollars per letter to put a fabric on it or a background or you know, something you need. This is always frustrating, at least to me!

So I accidentally stumbled upon Custom Greek Shirts on Etsy.com! There are a few different people who will make your shirt, completely customized by you, for approximately $25 dollars! Some will even include embroidery under your letters! You can choose the fabric and thread colors! I haven't found one that does designer fabrics yet, but still for regular prints or plan colors, its a pretty good deal!

Check out the choices on by clicking the following link!

I hope you all find this useful! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cute Find Of The Week! {-Lilly iPhone Cases-}

First of all, Happy Friday!

I happened to come across these super cute and resourceful cases when I bought my iPhone yesterday! Not only are they just super cute, but some of them are so handy! They have card slots on the back of the case so you can keep your debit card, student I.D., money, driver's license, or whatever you may want to take with you without lugging around your wallet! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those!

Also, the sororities that have Lilly prints, there are cases with all of these gorgeous prints! (Soo Jealous!)

Here is the link, so check them out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "Hair Bow" Hair Style!

I found this and thought it was tooooo cute! I couldn't resist not sharing with you all!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Here Are Great Do's & Don't For Sorority Recruitment!

In case you are looking at going through recruitment this year, check out this list of Do's & Don't!

Any other questions you may have, please fill free to ask me! 


eBay Make Up Deals Of The Week For Every Southern Girl!

Honestly, I am addicted to eBay. I never realized how many deals and new items were actually on eBay until recently. Many people will either buy something, and get something free or there are wholesale sellers who then will sell the items cheaper. I have also heard rumor that some companies will post items on eBay a bit cheaper to gain more sales over all. 

So I have chosen some great choices for top rated beauty products that are GREAT deals. I have included the eBay pictures and link so you can go bid/buy it now if you wish!

All of these items are obviously in a bundle and were not bought together, but as it states in the description, the seller found all of these unused and unopened! If you buy this individually they are much more expensive. If you cant this at the end of the auction, you could practically be stealing it!

This is the original Urban Decay "Naked" eye shadow palette. It had great reviews and was very popular. So popular that they actually made a second one (which is below). These colors are long lasting and also there are many YouTube videos of great ways to use all these colors! 
This palette typically runs for $50 but on eBay a brand new one is $29.99 exactly!

This obviously is the second version of the Naked collection. (To view the colors, go to Urban Decay Naked 2). I know someone personally who bought this and loved it! It is a $50 value on the Urban Decay website, but on eBay you can buy it for $32.50!

This spray is supposed to make your make up last all day or all night! We have all had those times we really want our make up to look good for a very long period of time, but it rarely ever happens! This is supposed to keep you looking fresh all night long! Many people love it, so it much be good! It's typically a $30 value, but on eBay you could get it as low as 12 dollars! The highest would be 15! Still exceptional deals!

This product on eBay is just a little bit cheaper than you would find it in stores or online. It is a fabulous lengthening, volumizing, and curling mascara! 

This is a link to just one example of the Revlon Color Stay Foundation, but I will say, there are many other choices on the "Buy It Now" portion of eBay. These are much, much, much cheaper than buying it in the store! It has been a top reviewed foundation that is definitely affordable!

Other items/suggestions to look up on eBay:
MAC Eye Pigments
Samples Of Products You Want To Try
Names Of Products You Like (Ex. Urban Decay or China Glaze)

eBay has products you wouldn't even think about! Take some time and look around it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Agendas!

Every woman has plenty of dates to remember, parties to attend, and social gatherings to plan, but a sorority woman has that plus classes, homework, recruitment, chapter, philanthropy events, and the list never ends! How do you keep up with all of this in an easy and fun way? With one of the new Lilly Agendas, of course! There are plenty of patterns to choose from and sizes as well!

If you have never ordered one of these, they may seem like they are all the same because the pictures do make them look similar. The sizes of each one are really different & have different things with them depending on the size. 

The Jumbo is the newest addition of the year and actually has notebook paper in it along with the agenda. I am excited to get the Jumbo this year considering the notebook paper in the back would be amazing for taking notes during my meetings! This agenda also includes the super cute stickers to help spice up yours planner!

The Large Agenda is the one I have bought previously to this year. I loved everything about it! It, along with the Jumbo, both have a month calender plus the individual day pages so you have plenty of room to right down events or assignments needed to be mentioned! The stickers are included with this one as well! Also, this makes for a really good size that is easy to carry and take!

The Small Agenda is just a smaller version of the Large Agenda. It is smaller and better for carrying in purses or side pockets of your tote! Still super cute and versatile! 

The monthly planner has just one year in it unlike the previous planners that have a year and a half in them. This is still a very cute planner that is handy for a year.

The Soft Cover agenda is for the girl on the go! It is made very similar to the Large Agenda, but much lighter for your heavy carrying load!

Be sure to check out all of the agendas on the Lilly Pulitzer website! Click the links I have provided to check out pricing and patterns! There are multiple patterns available for each one! The price you pay is very worth the beautiful planner you will have!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Big/Little Gifts!

Although there are plenty of super cute items you can buy online for your sisters, there is always something special and fun about making your own crafts for one another. Plus, you can't be in a sorority and NOT LOVE to craft!

These will be examples of items you can make and some alternatives you can think about to make items cheap, but beautiful!

The Canvas!

Here is an example of how someone made a really cute wall decoration out of a simple canvas! You can buy these canvas' at Walmart for less than ten dollars. Choose a quote, TSM, or even just your letters and paint them on! Add a cute ribbon to the top attached with your hot glue gun to add the cute touch! 

Creative Picture Frames!

No one wants a plain picture frame, so spice it up! You can easily buy small wooden/plastic picture frames from Walmart or The Dollar Tree which you can decorate as you please (remember to use your families favorite prints/patterns/colors to make it more personalized). To attach them to one another you could use decorated/painted popsicle sticks or ribbon that you hot glue to each other. The letters can be bought at Walmart as well in large tubs, so you can buy them once and keep them for quite a while. 

Christmas Ornaments!

Christmas ornaments are gifts that can be kept and used for years to come. These can be bought cheep at Christmas, but especially after Christmas. The tops come right off, so you can fill it with fake pearls (like in the picture) or whatever gem/stone your sorority represents. The peel and stick letters can be bought at Walmart or Michaels for the lettering or you can puffy pain if you wish. Do not forget a cute ribbon to hang it with and a big bow!

Homemade Fleece Pillow!

I have made the fleece blankets that you tie on the edges but I never thought of making a pillow out of it! Simple steps on how to make the pillow is to get two pieces of fleece that are larger than you want your actual pillow to be. Line up the pieces and cute the edges in strips to be tied. To be sure the stuffing you add later, hot glue three of the five sides so that the edge is extra tight from the start. After you have hot glued, tie the three hot glued sides of the pillow in the knots. Once this is finished, stuff the pillow with stuffing. Be sure to put as much as you want in before closing up the other side. Then finish by gluing the last side together and tying the knots. 

Once the basic pillow is finished, you can now decorate! Use iron on adhesive on fabric to put your letters, shapes, cute designs on your pillow. Put your special touches on it!

Also remember that you can always just buy a pillow case and decorate it as well!

Glitter Glassware!

This is super easy and super cute! The glassware can be bought from The Dollar Tree for a dollar a piece in the store. Spray glue would be the easiest to get this look, but glue could also be painted on (this must be done quickly though). Then all that is left is glittering it! 

You could also just glitter the bottom of the glass and add other touches to it or the top rim for a cute decorative pieces. Don't forget adding your little/big's name to the games makes is even cuter!

Flip Flops!

These are very cute & easy to make! Buy a pair of cheap flip flops at a near by store in whatever color you may want. All you need is your glue gun, ribbon, and a button/letter monogram symbol/round wooden piece (any decorations you may need to decorate the buttons. Simply make a pretty bow and hot glue it to your flip flop thong, then add your monogram to the middle! And you now have a cute personalized gift!

Also, you can wrap the flip flop straps with the ribbon or puffy paint letters/names on it as well!

Here is a list of some other objects to decorate or craft to customize as you wish!
Bows for your hair.
Nail Polish Bundle In Your Sorority Colors
Cell Phone Case

Don't forget that you can always add glitter, rhinestones or bows to spice up any craft!

Gift Ideas For Your Little (To Buy Made)!

Every girl should love their big, but every little looks forward to the day they can make their little fall in love with them! We love to shower them with gifts and love as much as possible! Here are some websites that will help you pick amazing gifts for your little!

My first website of choice is Preppy Monogrammed Gifts!

Every girl needs something cute to put all of her Mac & Sephora in, so why not give your little a cute monogrammed bag! It even has a little bow on it!

Every little should have either a pearl necklace or bracelet (maybe even both!) given to them by their big, so why not make it even more special by having it monogrammed!

This is a very cute & preppy bag for any sorority girl! It would make a great bag to take to class and still be looking as cute as you can be!

The next website I am using is Marilyn's Keepsakes-A Greek Concept!

I personally, am in love with this pin box! I think it looks so nice and would make one of the most perfect pin boxes for any sorority girl, but especially as a present from a big to her little! The best part is that it is only $13.50!

If you click on the link above you will be able to find many gifts, but there are many choices of really cute iPhone cases that are personalized with your sorority letters! I did not post a picture because there are so many different choices! 

This was quite adorable and so nicely made! It is an amazing keepsake that will look cute for a long time!

This personalized bow is precious for every sorority girl! If you would rather it be monogrammed, the same seller does make those as well!

My other advice is to check out these websites I have posted for more cute ideas! They all have darling choices that any true sorority girl would die to have!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Representative Program!

This is an opportunity EVERY sorority girl should be dying to apply for! 

The only possibility that may hold you back from applying, which is what is holding me back unfortunately, is your sorority must have a print from Lilly!

If yours does or you want more information, click the link below for a chance of a lifetime!

Sorority Girl Necessities On Etsy!

Here are some of the best finds that any sorority girl needs in her collection!

These bows would add the cutest touch to any outfit and to make it that much better, they are only twelve dollars a piece!

Every sorority girl needs to make sure her puppy love is just as fashionable as she is! There are plenty of Lilly Pulitzer dog collar and leashes to choose from!

These letter make gorgeous decoration especially when you find them painted in beautiful prints such as Lilly!

Although most sororities do not allow their girls to drink in letters, these glasses would make the prettiest decoration pieces for your kitchen! You can customize them completely.

Every sorority girl needs a sorority tumbler to take to class, in the car for sisterhood road trips, or just to keep you cool on the hot summer days! This is cute, fashionable, and fun to show off!