Saturday, July 14, 2012

eBay Make Up Deals Of The Week For Every Southern Girl!

Honestly, I am addicted to eBay. I never realized how many deals and new items were actually on eBay until recently. Many people will either buy something, and get something free or there are wholesale sellers who then will sell the items cheaper. I have also heard rumor that some companies will post items on eBay a bit cheaper to gain more sales over all. 

So I have chosen some great choices for top rated beauty products that are GREAT deals. I have included the eBay pictures and link so you can go bid/buy it now if you wish!

All of these items are obviously in a bundle and were not bought together, but as it states in the description, the seller found all of these unused and unopened! If you buy this individually they are much more expensive. If you cant this at the end of the auction, you could practically be stealing it!

This is the original Urban Decay "Naked" eye shadow palette. It had great reviews and was very popular. So popular that they actually made a second one (which is below). These colors are long lasting and also there are many YouTube videos of great ways to use all these colors! 
This palette typically runs for $50 but on eBay a brand new one is $29.99 exactly!

This obviously is the second version of the Naked collection. (To view the colors, go to Urban Decay Naked 2). I know someone personally who bought this and loved it! It is a $50 value on the Urban Decay website, but on eBay you can buy it for $32.50!

This spray is supposed to make your make up last all day or all night! We have all had those times we really want our make up to look good for a very long period of time, but it rarely ever happens! This is supposed to keep you looking fresh all night long! Many people love it, so it much be good! It's typically a $30 value, but on eBay you could get it as low as 12 dollars! The highest would be 15! Still exceptional deals!

This product on eBay is just a little bit cheaper than you would find it in stores or online. It is a fabulous lengthening, volumizing, and curling mascara! 

This is a link to just one example of the Revlon Color Stay Foundation, but I will say, there are many other choices on the "Buy It Now" portion of eBay. These are much, much, much cheaper than buying it in the store! It has been a top reviewed foundation that is definitely affordable!

Other items/suggestions to look up on eBay:
MAC Eye Pigments
Samples Of Products You Want To Try
Names Of Products You Like (Ex. Urban Decay or China Glaze)

eBay has products you wouldn't even think about! Take some time and look around it!

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