Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Greek Tip: Where To Find Quality, But Reasonably Priced Sewn On Letter Shirts!

Hi Everyone! I made a recent discovery that I am beyond excited about! 

I have always wanted more and more stitched letter shirts (because, come on, who can have too many?). The only problem is that they tend to be pricey when you go to a website and design them. They always sound like its reasonable, until it charges you five dollars per letter to put a fabric on it or a background or you know, something you need. This is always frustrating, at least to me!

So I accidentally stumbled upon Custom Greek Shirts on Etsy.com! There are a few different people who will make your shirt, completely customized by you, for approximately $25 dollars! Some will even include embroidery under your letters! You can choose the fabric and thread colors! I haven't found one that does designer fabrics yet, but still for regular prints or plan colors, its a pretty good deal!

Check out the choices on by clicking the following link!

I hope you all find this useful! 


  1. Our letter shirts are SO cheap in Gainesville, I count myself lucky! It's great to see that htere is an online option, though! great share :)

  2. I'm jealous you are in Gainesville!! I am a huge Florida Gators fan! I wish I could get a pair of really super cute letters with Florida fabric! But yes, please check out the Etsy letters! Too cute! :)