Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sorority Girl Necessities On Etsy!

Here are some of the best finds that any sorority girl needs in her collection!

These bows would add the cutest touch to any outfit and to make it that much better, they are only twelve dollars a piece!

Every sorority girl needs to make sure her puppy love is just as fashionable as she is! There are plenty of Lilly Pulitzer dog collar and leashes to choose from!

These letter make gorgeous decoration especially when you find them painted in beautiful prints such as Lilly!

Although most sororities do not allow their girls to drink in letters, these glasses would make the prettiest decoration pieces for your kitchen! You can customize them completely.

Every sorority girl needs a sorority tumbler to take to class, in the car for sisterhood road trips, or just to keep you cool on the hot summer days! This is cute, fashionable, and fun to show off!

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