Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Agendas!

Every woman has plenty of dates to remember, parties to attend, and social gatherings to plan, but a sorority woman has that plus classes, homework, recruitment, chapter, philanthropy events, and the list never ends! How do you keep up with all of this in an easy and fun way? With one of the new Lilly Agendas, of course! There are plenty of patterns to choose from and sizes as well!

If you have never ordered one of these, they may seem like they are all the same because the pictures do make them look similar. The sizes of each one are really different & have different things with them depending on the size. 

The Jumbo is the newest addition of the year and actually has notebook paper in it along with the agenda. I am excited to get the Jumbo this year considering the notebook paper in the back would be amazing for taking notes during my meetings! This agenda also includes the super cute stickers to help spice up yours planner!

The Large Agenda is the one I have bought previously to this year. I loved everything about it! It, along with the Jumbo, both have a month calender plus the individual day pages so you have plenty of room to right down events or assignments needed to be mentioned! The stickers are included with this one as well! Also, this makes for a really good size that is easy to carry and take!

The Small Agenda is just a smaller version of the Large Agenda. It is smaller and better for carrying in purses or side pockets of your tote! Still super cute and versatile! 

The monthly planner has just one year in it unlike the previous planners that have a year and a half in them. This is still a very cute planner that is handy for a year.

The Soft Cover agenda is for the girl on the go! It is made very similar to the Large Agenda, but much lighter for your heavy carrying load!

Be sure to check out all of the agendas on the Lilly Pulitzer website! Click the links I have provided to check out pricing and patterns! There are multiple patterns available for each one! The price you pay is very worth the beautiful planner you will have!

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